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Thursday, 18 April 2013

A BACON retrospective

So, as briefly mentioned earlier, I was speaking at the fantastic
last weekend. It was a fantastic conference! Simply on the topic of stuff that those of us who program computers day in, day out think are awesome! It could have been made for me.

There's a lot of techies around the many and various interwebs who're raving about it right now, so I thought I'd add my voice to the many and give you

My best of BACON

Firstly, beyond the conference itself, it spawned two amazing after parties. A few hundred creative, switched-on and overall inspired techies in one place. Simply chatting, meeting like-minded people and spawning some crazy ideas. It goes a little like this:

Developer A: I wish I could make a machine to start cooking bacon when I'm 5 minutes from home.

Developer B (thoughtfully): you know, with RFID, an arduino and a gas stove...

It's just great to be in that kind of environment when ideas are flowing, and many of those niggling techy "I wonder how to do that" issues get fixed simply by sharing some experience.

The conference itself was great, with talks on subjects as wide as the Chinese game Go, creating images with Lego and bacon flavoured salt.

Personally I was most engaged by those who were just talking about what they love.

Joseph Wilk showed us the game of Go, both as a logical puzzle and a way of life.

Joel Scotkin showed us some real dream chasing, from being one of the first Linux-nerds to designing and prototyping rocket control systems for NASA.

Then the fantastic Vanessa Hurst drew a great many parallels between programmers and super heroes. Suggesting that perhaps we should be using our powers for good after all.

The effect of the whole weekend is pretty immersive, two very full days with a great community and some exceptional speakers. And the true highlight, when the community rise to take their turn. The ten-minute lightening talks covered subjects as wide as flying drones, how to be friendly in London and tea.

As an overview, I'm still tired, and still inspired!

P.S. I'm still posting on my phone from the train. So I'm rediculously sorry it the HTML on this post renders as plain text.

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