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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Top Techie Tip #1

I've noticed something unusual, a piece of useful trivia which every tech-minded person should know. And why do I know this? Well...

Over a year ago now, I received a back-pack as a gift which had the added appeal of being a laptop case. Which is a very beneficial situation.

To cut a long story short, this bag was stolen a few months later and eventually I was repaid from insurance for a replacement, and recently got my ducks in a row and actually went out to buy one.

My mother told me she'd bought it at a popular supermarket chain, so I set off back there for a replacement. The staff there had never heard of such a thing and actually told me they never sold back packs. Well, that left me high and dry for a while, until I found out that THE place to get hold of a laptop case is...

Mountain Warehouse

And almost certainly other outdoor retailers. Because what you really need on your next camping trip is a laptop. And don't forget the BS52 nature-national grid adapter so you can charge it from the nearest tree.

Rant over, I would recommend this style of laptop bag to all computer-carriers for a couple of reasons:

* you can be certain it will comfortably fit on your back.
* you can use it for most other things, at the same time, if need be.
* it has the added bonus of not looking like a laptop case. With the obligatory bullseye logo and "mug me, it's a laptop" slogan.

And you can get one of these snazzy bags at your nearest outdoor supplies stockist!

P.S. This is also my first attempt at posting from the Blogger iPhone app. I'm finding the very basic functionality quite limiting. Oh well, perhaps I'll replace those asterisk's with real bullet points later, and I have literally no idea where that picture will display.

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