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Since July 2015 I've been presenting the classic panel game format, Just A Minute for technology events. Here you can see the videos from panel games past, and find out about panel games pending.

Previous Panels

Brighton Ruby Conference, Brighton, England (20th July 2015)

Just A Ruby Minute with Andrew Faraday from Andy Croll on Vimeo.

EpicFEL, London, England (26th September 2015)

Rubyconf, San Antonio, Texas, USA (15th November 2015)

Goruco, New York City, NY (25th June 2016)

Brighton Ruby, Brighton, England

Just a (Ruby) Minute from Andy Croll on Vimeo.

Abstractions, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 2017

Rubyconf, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 2016

Upcoming Panels

  • Ruby Nation - June 2017
  • Brighton Ruby - July 2017

Honourable mentions

Since I've started the Just A Minute panels at technology conferences, some people have excelled, and others lent a helping hand to allow me to bring the show to an ever-widening audience.
  • Helping hand; First chance - Andy Croll - The organiser of Brighton Ruby was the first event organiser to give me a chance to present a panel at Brighton Ruby 2015, triggering a number of exciting opportunities for me to engage with more speakers in the Ruby community. He then joined his first JAM panel at Rubyconf in November 2015.
  • Most prolific panellist - Kinsey Ann Durham - Kinsey joined the very first TechJAM panel in Brighton and has participated in all three RubyJAM panels since then. Although this record will soon be equalled at Brighton Ruby 2016 by Sam Phippen
  • First full minute - Nadia Odunayo - Even in the professional world of Just A Minute, speaking uninterrupted for a whole minute is a rare and impressive achievement. When Nadia joined the show at Goruco 2016 she managed a whole minute on 'Naming Variables' the first time she spoke.
  • The dirty tactics award - Adam Cuppy - Just A Minute is a strictly non-contact sport, and any kind of distraction tactics are discouraged. At Goruco 2016, Adam tried the tactic of conspicuously watching Kinsey speak very closely, from about 3 inches away. Kinsey, nevertheless, went on to win that panel by an impressive margin.

Hall of Fame

To date, nobody has yet won a second TechJam panel, but here's the full list of game winners.
  • Rob Miller
  • Edd Sowden
  • Sam Phippen
  • Kinsey Ann Durham

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